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Private yoga

Suitable for both, induviduals or group of family members or friends. All levels are welcomed.
Get perfect entertaiment for your holiday, party or just for yourself!

Let's practise together

With private yoga lessons, you'll get personalized instruction based on your health, body type and lifestyle. Private yoga can help you to perfect the basics, helps you to create a strong foundation, move out of pain, practice safer and master the postures.  Also expand and deepen your yoga practise.

Share this ultimate experince with your close once, enjoy this body, mind & soul pampering together.

Please, fill the form bellow what would be the best time for you and I will be on touch as soon as I can.



Value 1 on 1 session 75 minutes : €60

Buy 5 and get 1 free!


Value of group private session 75 minutes : starts from €80

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Schedule your class

Yoga is the journey to the self, throught the self.

How does it works?

After our meeting, telephone or mail conversation, I will prepare taillored set of asanas will help you to achive your personal goals for flexibility, strength or meditation..

You choose the time & location : Any North Beach - Park - Your Hotel or Villa

All equipment, like yoga mats, blocks, belts provided for 1 on 1 session

Avoid eating before practice at least 2 hours. Remember to also wear a sweatshirt or warm clothes to cover for the end of the sequence. When relaxed, it is common to feel a little cold.

Type of classes

Each class could be adjusted to individual needs with my knowledge of right alignment. Lesson starts with grounding technique, followed by certain yoga style. I will invite you to pay attention to mindful breath which brings awareness to present moment and inner self. The aim of my yoga teaching in not high performance, but instead focus on self discovery


Flow Yoga means freedom & dance of the body with mindful movements.Flow Yoga is boosting of energy level and calming the mind. We start with pranayama breathing technique and profound connection to our inner self, gentle stretch, followed a dynamic sequence. It's the perfect tool for body and mind relaxation, also finding concentration and focus. Naturally, brings all benefits, helps to increase lung capacity, body strength and flexibility



According to the time I have dedicated to study of female pelvis floor, I have created this very gentle yoga, which quides women to feel the power of their womb again. This yoga is calm and very gentle, more intuitive, leads you to commecting and listening to your womb again. Specific movements linked with tantra breathing brings many benefits like ease your PMS, helps with incontinence, restore joy in your life, juiciness, vitality, creativity & wisdom...



Stimulating the meridians channels we activating the detoxication process. Class starts with few Yang movements to warm the body little bit, then followed by long holding posses. You will be offered to repeat some powerful afirmations, inviting to your life more abundance, love, peace... Also there is a time for quiteness and self reflection of emotions and sensentions. Yin Yoga is perfect addition to all Yang movements, including fitness, cycling and other activities



Ha - means The Sun, hot and masculine energy, represents Yang and brings a more dynamic movement. Tha - The Moon, cool and feminine energy and it's more Yin, slow movements before Savasana. Starting with meditation, followed by middle dynamic way with Sun Salutations, finished with long hold poses, slow movements before Savasana and meditation Perfect for general health, heart, organs and nervous system and stress relief.


See you on the mat!

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