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Private group training


Value of session 60 minutes for couple: 40€

Every extra person : 10€

This individual private training for your group will be in the fast pace, with fun approach, and lots of games. Every session is different with circuits, and HIIT - High Intensity Interval Training.

Group training is an excellent way how to keep active, and have some fun with your friends. You can collectively push each other and have a great time by playing all kinds of games. No matter if there is 2 or 8 of you, I can create quality sessions full of sweat, and laughter.

I'm a big fan of ciruit training / HIIT which is an excelent way to hit all the muscle groups in very short period of time. I have many group workouts in stock using free weights , body weight, interval training, metabolic training and as many variations as possible to keep our workouts in fast pace and challenging

In a group you will have opportunity to challenge yourself with others, but also motivate or be motivated by the pack.


How does it works?

Let's connect to agree your special group request, confirm the day, time and place for your ultimate holiday experience!

Please, avoid to eating at least 2 hours before your training.

Also, don't forget to brink a bottle of drinking water.

Schedule your class

Thank you, I will be in touch shortly.

WhatsApp +420 775 908 954


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