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Personal training


Value of session 60 minutes: 40€

Buy 5 and get 1 free!

This program is perfect for everyone who has been struggling to lose weight for years or for someone who is at the beginning of their weight loss journey but has no idea where to start .

In this program I will teach you how change your lifestyle without drastic diets and sacrifices. 

You will get all mine attention and motivation to ensure that you will have fast results. Personal training has been proven as a fastest way to the clients goals.

I will teach you what and when to eat, and also how to get your body moving even if you have a busy schedule.


Even if you are post-surgery or you have any physical limitations, I will tailor your workout plan just for you.

It's easier to lose weight if you know how to exercise and what to eat.

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How does it works?

Over our meeting in person or on-line, we wills et up your goals, wheater is that weight lost or muscle gain, or simply being fit. I will show you how to achieve a great body by changing your lifestyle, and teach you how to maintain it. No matter what your current fitness level, I will create workout programs tailored to you, because every person has individual needs and goals.

Because your success is 70% down to how you fuel your body, I will offer you a healthy eating guidance.

You choose what days and times works best for you.

There are plenty of options where we can exercise. It can be on the fresh air and under the sun, in your apartment / holliday villa, or yacht.

Please, avoid to eating at least 2 hours before your training.

Also, don't forget to brink a bottle of drinking water.

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